Adding Vent will make Season of Advent

The multistoried building is a purely residential area with few shops nearby with a wide road. The apartment puts up lighting and decorates the Christmas tree mostly a day in advance to Christmas with all residents coming together singing carols and children making merry. The building gets a festival spirit and children enjoy with games. This is been a practice over the period of years, its one of the seasons that all residents come together for a festival spirit.

In one of the floors, the celebrations starts a month in advance. Jokingly people comments, that house Jesus is born one month in advance. The cleaning, decoration and well-wisher's visits everything is in advance, even though it is a nuclear family with only one kid. However, the church also starts preparing its congregation for accepting the lord well in advance. In management jargon’s “Plan is nothing, Planning is everything” and that plan has four key themes scheduled for each week before the Christmas. They announce it is the season of advent and they light a candle which is symbolic to Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. These are the real gifts of human and humanity.

In advent — we need to add vent to accept Hope , Add vent to get Peace, Add Vent to share Joy and Add vent to experience love. Adding vent is giving out unwanted thoughts, jealousy, hatred, grudge and ego. Adding vent for accepting Hope, Peace, Joy and Love needs Planning and not plan.

Have added Vent for a meaningful advent !!



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